My dream was to study filmmaking after school, and at that time film schools weren’t in Jordan, and studying abroad was a bit hard for us financially. Choosing to work in the media industry was not the norm, however, I was very adamant about what I love so I self-taught myself with the help of friends and passionate people in a tiny industry that we had in jordan. I worked at Rubicon, one of the biggest Animation companies in the ME at that time, and from there, I headed to work at Roya’a, a Jordanian privately owned TV station as a field director & editor, and I then went off to produce ...

2470 Mandeville Ln, Alexandria, VA 22314

A member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, I started out on stage and radio in NYC at the age of two. My credits are in all genres of acting with the sole exception of music videos (not yet but looking forward to being cast). As a writer I've created music, lyrics, and scripts for film, t.v., and commercials. I've worked on 5 continents in 44 countries and 34 states. Don't ask me which genre I like best because I LOVE them all!

1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20004

Editor, Wright's Chapel UMC

Hi allMy name is Corran Hale, I’m an editor based in Virginia. I have a physicaldisability called Cerebral Palsy. Which can sometimes make it difficult toperform various editing tasks. Therefore, I have been in the process ofdeveloping a way to edit via my voice. I use a text-to-speech program calledthe Dragon Professional Individual that allows people to make custom keyboardcommands within the program. Therefore, I assign the shortcuts to a commandwithin the speech-to-text program and can hit the shortcuts via voice.Recently, I’ve also been experimenting with executing Python commands ...


I earned my degree in Communications with a concentration in Media Productions from George Mason University in 2022. Since then I have been working in the digital communications/marketing industry. I'm skilled in social media content creation, post-production editing, and am currently looking for an associate/junior producer role at an advertising or production agency. :)

9829 Brookemoor Place, Richmond, VA 23060

Founder, This Should Be A Movie

For the past 5 years, I have worked as a book scout, assisting production companies, independent producers and individual creatives source material that they may want to adapt for the screen focused primarily on books, articles and podcasts. 

Co-Founder, Producer, Director and Editor, FLOWSTATE Films

Leola Calzolai-Stewart is a director, editor and producer, bringing over 15 years experience in documentary film and video to FLOWSTATE Films. “The American Diplomat,” Leola’s directorial debut, was awarded two grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and a development grant from the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. The film aired on PBS' American Experience in February 2022. The project was selected as part of Black Public Media’s 2019 360 Incubator+ program and Leola is one of Firelight Media’s Documentary Lab Fellows for 2019-21. Leola also co-produced and edited the ...

FLOWSTATE Films, Frederick, MD 21704

Owner / Cinematographer, MWM Visions LLC

I am a freelance filmmaker and cinematographer based in the DMV. My passion is to capture beautiful images that create compelling stories that engage the emotions and feelings of my audience. My greatest strength is creating a comprehensive visual experience for my viewers. I am detail-oriented. For example, I prioritize organization and pre-production in a process that yields high-quality products. My background in the Marines taught me to stay calm in dynamic environments. And, simultaneously remaining patient and showing respect for my fellow crew members.I graduated from Towson University ...


ZenBusiness is a company that provides an easy, all-in-one platform and trusted guidance for small business owners. They’ve consolidated all the tools, services, and expert support needed to start, run, and grow a successful business. Think of it as the operating system for small business success. Customers can protect their liability, manage money, and establish their brand–all in one place.

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